You can have hours of walking with your dog in the forest or on the hills in a natural setting.Our nearest neighbour is almost 2 kilometres away!

No one cares if a dog barks, so you can let your dog be a dog. You can even have a late evening barbeque after the seminar and make yourself at home.
At “The dog´s place” dogs can be dogs without leash!

During seminar breaks you can relax
and enjoy natures beauty...

...while listening to the soothing sound of the natural spring.

In the crisp cool fall and winter months you can enjoy a cup of hot tea and coffee with us. After a peaceful dogwalk through the beautiful autmun colors or snowcovered forest
join us at our old fashion wood stove for your hot beverage.
The peaceful surroundings at “The dog´s place” will touch your getting back to nature values. Our peaceful and natural setting will have delightfully effect on your dog´s
behavior and can strengthen your relationship in this relaxing atmosphere.


We look forward to meet you here!

Kirsten and Michael Grubert

You´ll find “The dog´s place” located in Denipaire, France,
between Nancy and Strasbourg.
Our dog school location allows for unlimited possibilities of dog activities.