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With this sentence in our mind we started to offer our training at home. We come to your place and train, together with you, at the places where problems occur! We donīt just manipulate symptoms but work out the reasons for your dogs behaviour. That should be done in the environment your dog is used to.

Our main topic is to counsel dog owners who are not comfortable with their dogs behaviour. We donīt use the term “problem dog”. Itīs just that your dogs behaviour has reached a limit you canīt accept any more. This limit is as personal as every human being.

If your dogs beggs for food, doesnīt follow commands, doesnīt come back to you, destroys your furniture or acts aggressive towards other animal or people, itīs your own choice if you want to accept it or change it.

Our aim is to show you a way to a better communication.
Thatīs the basic of every companionship!

Experience the various ways to communicate with a dog. Every day you hesitate takes your time from an easy companionship with your dog!

Itīs sometimes necessary to consult a veterinary surgeon. It must be sure that thereīs no medical reason for your dogīs behaviour to start a behaviourism therapy!


behaviourism therapie (1,5 hours) incl. training-plan and advice by phone for the following 14 days
(once a week)

80,-€ incl. approach ( in the area of Landau-Karlsruhe-Baden-B.- Kehl - Freiburg - Strasbourg)



At the dogyard he does, but nowhere else...